37 Year old Kathryn Dickie uses Instagram as personal accountability diary for reducing weight !

Pic: dailymail.co.uk

Kathryn Dickie is 37 year old lawyer and lives in Brisbane and like all women she realised she was really overweight after trying on trousers ! and what did she do,well she decided to take entire body photograph and she felt utterly disgusted with herself. She had to lose weight and that was the need of the hour !

A total overhaul of her lifestyle had to be done immediately.She took help of a personal trainer, and embarked on a series of programs and bootcamps.She also  started eating healthy foods , cutting down the four or five sugars she took in her tea, and added exercising to her routine.She downloaded MyFitnessPal and monitored her carb intake on daily basis.With all her efforts she eventually lost 18 kilos.

She set up a motivational Instagram profile as her personal accountability diary,where she posted her pictures.Today she has 130,000 followers on the platform.

and she’s happy to inspire others.Her tags are acceptyourself and #loveyourself .She wants people to have an honest conversation with oneself and confront it head strong.One should not have any excuses and stick to their goals and just go ahead and do it !

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