43 year old Anne Kirungi who survived cancer is inspiring many others now

43 year old Anne Kirungi who survived cancer is inspiring many others now
Pic Credit Faustin Niyigena / newtimes.co.rw

Anne Kirungi is a courageous woman who has battled the dreaded cancer and is now spoken in high esteem by many all over now. Recently she expressed her thoughts about her battle against cancer to “Women Today” magazine and she touched the hearts of many readers.

It must be noted that she was living life normally like every other married women and cared for her kid a lot. She said that she was worked as a manager two years back and was living happily with superb health.

She also spoke about her routine exercises plus positivity but was stunned and shocked when she was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. She further spoke about how she feared not for her death but for those who were dependent on her in her life.

She threw light on the fact that in the beginning she did not think about this cancer at all but was of the opinion that she was having some ulcers etc. Then she met a gynaecologist, Oncologist who revealed that she had cervical cancer.

It is said that she had to undergo many tests and was asked to wait for a month for the biopsy results. Anne Kirungi aged 43 revealed that one month was very difficult for her as she did not know the real problem that was bothering her.

Later she spoke about how with the help of her niece and her friends she got financial aid and how she came to Bangalore in India for her treatment of cancer.

It must be noted that on 11th of February she started her first chemotherapy session. She had three cycles of it till the month of April. Later she had radiotherapy in the month of May. Her positive nature combined with great determination is appreciated by many.

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