70th Wedding Anniversary for Beautiful Couple Dolly and Stann Izatt

70th Wedding Anniversary for Beautiful Couple Dolly and Stann Izatt
Pic: Cornwall Live

Dolly and Stan Izatt are very special couple who has caught the attention of many across the world now. Recently this couple celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary and made many heads turn with their superb love for each other.

It must be noted that Dolly is of age 89 and Stann Izatt is of age 91 and they both have been together for the last 74 years. It is now revealed by Dolly that initially she did not have any interest in Stann Izatt but she was more interested towards Stann’s friend.

It was not the love at first sight for her but for Stan it was love at first sight and he told others that he would marry Dolly one day in the future.

It is worthy to mention that their living together for 74 years and celebrating 70 years of their wedding now proves the true love they both have on each other plus their amazing trust.

It is important to note that this Stan Izatt took part in the world war and in the year 1947 he made her to accept his true love he had on her. They both married each other in 1947 after he came from the world war. It is now brought out that they were very young during their marriage and Dolly was 19 and Stan was 21.

Their wedding anniversary is made memorable by a special card from none other than Queen Elizabeth 2 wishing them a happy life together. God bless the couple. Long live Stan and Dolly!!

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