Aaliyah – This 7 year old girl from Lisburn in Ireland donated her hair to Little Princess Cancer Trust and she is awesome

Pic: lisburntoday.co.uk

A seven year old girl Aaliyah has been spoken greatly now because she has done sensationally in donating her hairs to a cancer charity organization. Incredible isn’t it!!

Little Princess Trust has been doing superbly for many cancer affected kids and this cute little girl Aaliyah has given her superb locks to this cancer trust and she is regarded highly for children her great work. It is now said that she got her hair cut at the Bow Lane Hairdressing located in Lisburn. It must be noted that this trust is involved in making wigs using hairs for those affected with cancer.

Laura curry who is the mother of this girl spoke highly and said her daughter was kind and caring. It is now clear that this Aaliyah wanted to donate her hairs to this Princess Cancer Trust from last year onwards and she came to know about this trust through television. It is now said that this girl Aaliyah was happy regarding her donation of hairs to this trust as she always had thick hairs and felt it is important for her to give hairs for those who don’t have enough hairs.

Another superb piece of news that has come out now is this Aaliyah was able to raise 150 pounds for this charity and it was a great effort. It must be noted that donation boxes were placed in Bow Lane and in other places like Claire McKinney Beauty. Superb Aaliyah!!

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