Abdul Bajander- This 25 year old man from Bangladesh has a unique skin disease for more than six years and it is really shocking

Pic: YouTube Snapshot

How would you react when you come across a person with a disease that is so rare and unique? Shocked and surprised right!!

A man named Abdul Bajander from Bangladesh has a unique skin disease which he has been suffering from last six years and it is shocking, It is important to note that this 25 year old man has a skin disease called

‘’Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis’’. It is said that this genetic health issue would cause growths in the skin. Abdul Bajander expressed his thoughts regarding his unique skin problem and said he feels sad and depressed. He also spoke about how many people suffer from different health issues in their lives and either they come out of it or die. He also spoke about how his own hands and legs are creating many problems for him due to which he lost his job as rickshaw driver.

His unique skin growths have been spoken by many in Khulna in Bangladesh as people are attracted more. He has become very famous now and has become cynosure of many eyes for his peculiar skin condition that affects just 5 persons in the entire world and he is referred as ”Tree Man”.

It is now brought out that doctors performed three and half hour operation to remove the growths and as many as nine doctors did surgery and in Barcroft TV it is shown as documentary. Dar Samantha Lal Sen who treated him was in awe regarding his skin problem and spoke about how Abdul Bajanders skin issue was very unique one.

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