Alison- 50 year old woman has recently experienced the happiness of becoming a mother


One of the greatest happiness for a woman in her life is to become a mother. A woman named Alison has become a mother recently but what is special about her is she is of age 50 and this is the first time ever she has given birth to a baby. Stupendous isn’t it!!

The date 29th June 2016 would always remain special for Alison and her husband Philip John because it was on that day their cute daughter Megan was born. It is superb that their baby daughter is hale and healthy now she weighed 5lb 8oz when she was born.

It is important to note that this couple underwent IVF treatment and during the third round of their treatment they lost their baby. But things were different during their fourth round and it was a great success for them. It is now revealed that some people commented that it was like their granddaughter and this Alison now wants to tell the truth regarding their baby.

It is now brought out that the couple wanted a baby when Alison was in her thirties. During her forties Alison and her husband Philip john were anxious to have their baby but could not. They were told by the doctors that IVF would provide solution for them but it was costly.

It is now said that PPI payout helped them in great deal and they went for IVF. This baby daughter Megan was born by caesarean and is doing well now. Superb couple!!

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