Alla Illyinichna Levishkina- This 89 year old woman does surgeries and is world’s oldest surgeon now

Alla Illyinichna Levishkina- This 89 year old woman does surgeries and is world’s oldest surgeon now
Pic: Newfoxy

At the age of 89 when people all over spend their time in the bed or relaxing with their grandchildren a woman doctor named Alla Illyinichna Levishkina is just sensational.

It is worthy to note that she is of age 89 and is very acting doing many surgeries and helping many patients in saving their lives. It is now revealed that this 89 year old Alla is the world’s oldest surgeon. Remarkable isn’t it!!

Like most of us her day starts at eight in the morning and she does operations very efficiently even at the age of 89 and has often surprised many with her great energy, enthusiasm and determination. It is really amazing that she has done as many as 10000 surgeries in the last 67 years of her medical career and has been responsible for the welfare of many of her patients.

That she is highly efficient is proved by the fact that there is not a single case of fatality. It is interesting to note that this 89 year old doctor Alla Illyinchna Levishkina has not married still and is single and happy. She is also care taker of her disabled nephew plus she has as many as eight cats in her house.

According to her being a doctor is not just profession but it is a way of life and she is also of the view that a doctor has to work otherwise there would be no use of him or her being a doctor.

Alla Illyinichna Levishkina who always wanted to win in her life finds her work very interesting. She feels happy and proud that her patients who were operated by her many years ago are now living happily. Superb!!

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