Amanda Springob- This 20 year old is now highly sought after inspirational speaker

Pic: YouTube

Just 20 years of age Amanda Springob speaks with amazing clarity about life. It is important to note that this girl Amanda Springob has been proving as a source of inspiration to many around her with her superb talks and she has caught the attention of many with this.

It is simply superb to note that she is at ease in sharing her life journey filled with depression and anxiety. She gives amazing and mind blowing motivational speeches whether the crowd is small or huge and makes great impact on the listeners. It all began when this Amanda Springob was in her final year at the famous Spencer High School and she transformed into a motivational speaker there.

Her many speeches about depression etc have crated unbelievable effect on many and she has been inspiring many. It is revealed by her that she juggled tough school classes plus extracurricular activities plus pressure all within herself. Then she surprised many around her when she fled from the class when her classmates were busy in online quiz.

Amanda Springob the issues like anxiety and depression that was present in her and she sought the help of her parents in these issues of her during the Christmas break.

It was in the month of January in 2015 she was in cognitive behavioural therapy and she later amazed many when she became a motivational speaker at the famous University of Wisconsin.

It is worthy to mention that the speech given by her on topic of empowerment was sensational in the school and she became cynosure of many eyes. Great Amanda Springob!!

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