Andy Grant who lost his leg is now the fastest 10k runner

Andy Grant who lost his leg is now the fastest 10k runner
Pic: Liverpool Echo

Nobody would have thought even in dreams also that a person with just one leg could become sensational one day. It is not often we come across persons like Andy Grant in this society.

This Andy Grant is highly determined in spite of losing his leg and is now the fastest runner in the 10000 run category. By this achievement he has proved many that anything could be achieved if one has the fighting spirit and determination to succeed in life.

It is very sad that his right leg was amputated by the doctors after Royal Marine was blown up in Afghanistan. After losing leg most of us would have lost hope to live but not this awesome Andy Grant.

He was so determined and after six years later he was spoken greatly by many all over for his mind blowing achievement of being fastest in 10,000 run in just one leg. According to Andy Grant reacting to the challenges or adversities is very important in life and that defines a person.

It is now revealed that his inspirational and touching story is made into a documentary film named “Paragon’’ and it must be noted that that Stephen Graham and Tom hardy are also doing their bit in this documentary film.

Other famous personalities who are present in this film are Jamie Carragher, Scott Quinell and Ronnie O’Sullivan. It is worthy to mention that Andy Grant joined Royal Marine when he was just 17 years of age and at the age of 12 he lost his caring mother Joan due to leukemia.

He always wanted to do something so that her mom would feel proud so he joined Royal Marines. Incredible Andy Grant!!

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