Anthony Keyworth would participate in the popular Tough Guy Challenge 2017 to create awareness regarding mental health in men


Some people do superbly for the sake of others in this world and one such is Anthony Keyworth. It is important to note that this superb Anthony Keyworth would soon be taking part in the popular Tough Guy Challenge 2017 and the main objective of this is to creating awareness in people regarding the mental health of men. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It is incredible that this Anthony Keyworth would be swimming through icy cold lakes plus diving through flames plus take electric shocks on him.

It is well known that Tough Guy Challenge is considered to be one of the toughest fitness challenges. This 43 year old Anthony Keyworth would be raising money for the charity titled ’’State of Health’’ that is involved in mental health and for that purpose he would take part in this ‘’Tough Guy Challenge’’. It is great to mention that he wanted to promote well being of many rugby players now with his awesome fitness challenge. It is now said that around 5000 persons take part in this and around 1000 persons do not complete the challenge due to issues like hypothermia etc.

This tough challenge would take place on 27th January in 2017 in a farm near Wolverhampton. This competition involves running 5 miles in the beginning and there are rope swings, diving through flames plus getting shock from electric eels etc. If this is not enough the participants then swim through ice covered lakes and the unbelievable piece of information is this Anthony Keyworth would be taking part in this extreme challenge for 19th time in his life.

It is important to note that this Anthony Keyworth once played for Hull FC youth team and was superb with his skills.

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