Ashish Janiani –This speaker has overcome many health issues and has now become a role model for others

Ashish Janiani –This speaker has overcome many health issues and has now become a role model for others

If anybody comes across Ashish Janiani it is sure that they won’t find him to be sick and depressed. But actually he was like that in his first fourteen years of his life. His transformation from a sick person to an inspiring role model now is really sensational.

This Ashisnow h Janiani is a corporate trainer plus motivational speaker who has been making superb impact in the lives of many now. It must be noted that he bed-weted when he was young and that really created complex in him and affected his confidence badly. Not only that he also had sinusitis issue and was allergic to dust. This resulted in bleeding from his nose often. Later he was diagnosed with asthma after he went to hospital.

It must be noted that his lungs were very weak and he found it tough to be like other normal kids of his age. At this point of time his grandfather Kishanchand Janiani took him to a park nearby and Ashish was taught deep breathing exercises.

In just six months of time his health condition got better to such an extent that he used asthma pump just twice and surprised many around him. It is now said that this Ashish Janiani while studying in USA took part in many runs. It is interesting to note that he also finished seven mile run in 34 minutes and stunned many.

His interest to keep fit and healthy grew more in USA and he also built muscles without any supplements also. Then on his return to India he became a motivational speaker and trainer and is making huge impression on many with his inspiring talks. Great!!

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