Ayesha Noor – This 19 year old girl from Kolkata had many issues like epilepsy and poverty but she was determined and now she has become a sucessful karate champion

Pic: Indiatimes.com

When most of us give excuses for not becoming successful in our lives this Ayesha Noor is totally different from others. It is important to note that this 19 year old girl Ayesha Noor was very poor and was born in a slum in Kolkata. Not only that she had seizures caused by epilepsy and as a result of those she was asked to leave the school when she was just five years of age. It is great that she has now become a karate champion inspite of her many issues like poverty and health. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It was at the age of six she learned karate and now she is 19 years of age and has become a source of inspiration for many others around her with her sensational victories in karate. This Ayesha Noor has become cynosure of many eyes with two gold medals at the national levels plus she also has got three gold medals from international games and she is awesome.

It is amazing to hear that she teaches this karate to many girls in the city of Kolkata and she also spoke about how she would become a tigress when she teach karate to others.

It is important to mention here that she is from a poor family and her mom is a tailor and her brother sells slippers to make both ends meet. The family lives in single room house in the city of Kolkata.

According to Mr Ali who is her mentor plus coach Ayesha Noor is a hardworking and highly determined person and the fighter in her takes over when she hits the ring. Great words!!

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