Bryce Snider- This 7 year old boy with rare brain disorder scored touchdown of a lifetime and is sensational


Bryce Snider is now spoken highly by many and is in the news. It must be noted that he is not a normal kid and is suffering from rare brain disorder. It is now said that Bryce Snider scored touchdown of a life and was inspirational. This 7 year old Bryce Snider has got schizencephaly which is a rare form of brain disorder and as a result of this problem this boy cannot move his limbs and is immobile totally.

Recently in a game between Northern Kentucky Bandits and Taylor Mill Eagles he surprised many by rushing over the goal line.

John Bennett who is the director of Taylor Mill football team shared his thoughts and said their main objective was to give Bryce Snider and his family a unforgettable moment to cherish in their lives. It is amazing that this Bryce Snider supported his brother Braylen in all the practice games and that surprised John Bennett and other players.

The superb effort by Taylor Mill Eagle team members in making this 7 year old Bryce Snider experience football like them was remarkable and touching. For this experience they wanted Bryce on the field and this plan was well executed by Braylen who is the brother of Bryce and he pushed his younger brother in the wheelchair over the goal line.

It is awesome to note that Bryce Snider and his family got great support from both the teams and Bryce parents thanked them for their superb support. Outstanding!!

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