Calysta Bevier- This superb singer who impressed many at the famous ”Americas Got Talent” show has survived cancer and is inspirational to many now

Pic: Mic

In the recent times in USA a teenage girl named Calysta Bevier has made many heads turn at the sensational ”Americas Got Talent” or AGT show. It is awesome to note that she did amazingly well in this superb show in USA and caught the attention of many with her splendid talent. It must be noted that she is from Grand Rapids in Ohio in USA and this is very small place with less than 1000 people

The superb piece of news about her is in this AGT show she came till semi finals that was held on 7th September. Her mature way of handling things even at her young age has surprised many around her.

She spoke highly of the former American idol judge Simon Cowell. She praised him about his sweet voice and said she liked him very much though he was considered for his gruffness.

It must not be forgotten that during her audition she revealed that she had ovarian cancer of stage 3 and how she fought courageously with determination. It is superb to note that this pretty Calysta Bevier has been inspiring many people with her positive nature and determination. Her fight song is really sensational.

It must be noted that she is now doing her bit in creating awareness for the cancer. It is amazing to note that in 2017 January her CD would hit the stores and she had recorded five songs at various studios in places like New York and Nashville. It is great to hear that she visits many cancer affected kids in hospitals and gives them hopes. Great Calysta Bevier!!

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