Cancer affected girl Alexa got a surprise of her life when she was given Gonzaga Basketball tickets and she feels delighted


People feel great pain when they get affected with dreaded cancer. This cancer affects many youngsters these days and they face lots of issues in their lives filled with sadness. When their dreams get fulfilled their joys and happiness become unimaginable.

A young girl named Alexa felt so happy and great when her dream got fulfilled. It must be noted that she is suffering from leukemia and as a result of that she was stopped from going to school. She felt sad and depressed as she was not able to have fun like other kids due to her health condition.

It is superb to note that her dream to have a English Bulldog got fulfilled by a unknown person. It is important to note that Alexa always wanted to have this bulldog as she liked it so much as she is also Gonzaga Basketballs number one fan. It is now said that Alexa wanted to attend one game atleast in her life.

The good news is Peter Rusnak president of King Beverage Inc has provided Alexa and her family with six tickets so that she could see the first game in the month of November. It is now said that Alexa was surprised with the tickets now and she is very happy.

According to Peter Rusnak Alexa’s life story touched his heart and he was inspired by Alexa’s battle against leukemia at such young age. Rusnak also spoke about how he and King beverage wants to create more happiness in many such kids through Make a Wish Foundation and The Rypien Foundation etc. Great!!

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