Catrin Pugh – 22 year old woman suffered 96% burns in a road accident in 2013 but now has got million pounds compensation


The news that a young woman who suffered 96% burns in a road accident got seven- figure payout as compensation has been spoken by many now. It must be noted that the 22 year old woman named Catrin Pugh was involved in the accident in the French Alps and she is currently the oldest person to survive from such an accident of huge intensity. It is shocking to note that every part of her body got damaged due to burns plus the damage on her scalp, soles on her feet was big.

This crash took place in the year 2013 and it turned her life upside down. It must be noted that she went into induced coma for three months and she got 200 surgeries done on her. It is now said that she is rebuilding her life and is better. The sad news about her is she had lost her central vision due to the damage of her optic nerve and she would not be able to see straight. It is important to note that this Catrin Pugh has now won seven-figure payout amount and it is not been made public till now.

It is sad to hear that in the year 2013 the coach she was travelling crashed and burst into flames and that happened when Catrin Pugh returned after skiing season in French Alps in France. Though she was helped by others from that crash the doctors gave just one in 1000 chances for her survival.

It is now said that Catrin Pugh is very courageous and determined and is inspiring many people. Great Catrin Pugh!!

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