Cervical cancer survivor Genevieve Sambhi is helping many women by creating awareness regarding cervical cancer

Pic: Yahoo News

These days many people lose their lives to cancer and this cancer along with heart attack, and kidney failure are three major health issues that are responsible for killing many people all over. Cervical cancer is one type of cancer that affects the cervix in women and many symptoms like bleeding coupled with pain in the pelvic area are seen in women with this type of cancer.

Usually women with cancer lose their hope and become depressed but there are few women who fight this cancer bravely with determination and inspire others. It must be noted that Genevieve Sambhi of age 45 is a cervical cancer affected person and she is doing superbly in creating awareness in many women about this cervical cancer. It was in 2009 this Genevieve Sambhi was diagnosed with cervical cancer and she had survived and doing many superb things for the society.

The news that would create panic in people of India is by the year 2020 about India would have 17.3 lakh more cancer cases and that includes breast, lung, cervical cancer etc. It is now revealed that in the year 2016 cervical cancer is third most common type of cancer and there are one lakh new cases. It

This woman Sambhi is a popular model plus Miss Malaysia and she had taken it upon herself to speak about this cervical cancer to many women. Though her father is a gynaecologist and her mother is a nurse she did not have any idea about cervical cancer before. According to Genevieve Sambhi screening coupled with early discovery and proper treatment could help women fight this cancer. Superb words!!

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