Chetan Gowda – This 16 year old is providing blood for the people by his NGO titled “Khoon’’ and is awesome

Chetan Gowda - This 16 year old is providing blood for the people by his NGO titled “Khoon’’ and is awesome

It feels very sad and bad when we lose a teacher who is very close and favourite to us. A 16 year old boy Chetan Gowda lost his most favourite teacher due to lack of blood in blood banks and learnt a tough lesson in his life.

Now this 16 year old Chetan Gowda has grabbed many eyeballs with his remarkable work of providing blood to others.

It was in the month of May in the year 2016 he surprised many around him when he launched his own non-profit organization titled “Khoon’’. His organization does sensational job of arranging blood for people when blood banks and other sources don’t have blood and by this work Chetan Gowda and his organization are famous now.

According to Chetan Gowda nobody in this world should die because of lack of blood which is available in our bodies and this attitude of his is superb. Recently he spoke his heart out to the famous magazine “Bangalore Mirror’’ and touched on fee things. He spoke about how India has got abundant blood but many people die due to lack of blood. He further said that he did not want this to happen again.

It is now brought out that this NGO “ Khoon’’ has got list of many blood donors and people who needs blood badly get in touch with Chetan Gowda and he shows these people to the blood donors and helps them.

His friends provide superb help to him and Chetan Gowda is able to trace the blood availability easily by connecting donor to the person who needs blood. At the age of 16 when kids are involved in different activities this Chetan Gowda providing help for others is really sensational.

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