Cheyann Shaw- 23 Year Old Woman with Ovarian Cancer is Highly Courageous and Inspires Many

Pic: Instagram

It is very rare to see persons like Cheyann Shaw in our lives. This 23 year old woman is a popular bodybuilder who constantly updates about her in social networking sites. It must be noted that this woman is not normal and she is battling ovarian cancer. This woman Cheyann Shaw has been documenting her battle with this ovarian cancer in social media and she has become the talk of the town.

It is really shocking and surprising that Cheyann Shaw was diagnosed with ovarian cancer just shortly before her wedding day in the month of August 2016 and it was brought out that she had stage 4 low grade serous ovarian cancer. At this stage many of us would have gone down and would have lost our hope to live but not this bold woman Cheyann Shaw.

It must be noted that this cancer is rare form that grows slowly due to resistance to chemotherapy. She surprised many in the social media when she shared many pictures of her where her weight had drastically gone down from the previous 130 pounds to the current 102 pounds.

This bodybuilder during chemotherapy lost her gorgeous hair and she shared the photos of her shaved head and surprised many. It is shocking to note that that she underwent surgery and her important organs like appendix, spleen, parts of colon, plus her reproductive parts were removed.

Tumor present in her abdomen was also removed by surgery. In spite of all these she was highly positive and surprised many with her courageous nature.

In her Instagram page she had written cancer had taken many things from her body but nor her fight and faith. Hats off Cheyann Shaw!!

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