Chrissy Smith – This UAE based woman overcame throat and neck cancer plus breast cancer and is now inspiring many others in life with her positive attitude


It is hard to see people so positive and cheerful like Chrissy Smith. Overcoming one cancer is tough for any person but this determined woman from UAE has overcame two cancers and is superb. Chrissy Smith is now inspiring many people in her life. It must be noted that she was originally from United Kingdom or UK but shifted to United Arab Emirates or UAE just three years back. She spoke her heart out about her health condition and her brave fight against tow cancers.

Chrissy Smith aged 54 recollected her thoughts and said she was diagnosed with two cancers namely stage four throat and neck cancer plus stage one breast cancer and had many the problems associated with those. She also revealed that by means of PET scan only she came to know that she had breast cancer from the doctors.

Chrissy Smith also spoke about her family and friends who stood by her when she was diagnosed with cancer how they helped her to overcome fears. She also spoke about how she had monogram in UK before landing in UAE and reports said she was fine. This Smith got her treatment completed in the month of July.

Chrissy Smithy further expressed her delight in overcoming cancer and how she was very lucky and unlike others who battled cancer she never did. She also spoke about how she accepted the cancer and plodded through it. Finally her words about how she bounced back in her life and her present positive feeling were stupendous. Hats off Chrissy Smith!!

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