David , a two month old baby weighing just 2.1 kg undergoes successful liver transplant in Gurgaon, India.Kudos to the doctor team!

Representational Pic: Public Domain Pictures

David , a Nigerian national, is a two-month-old baby that weighs only 2.1kg and it successfully underwent liver transplant procedure at a Gurgaon hospital. He was brought to Medanta Medicity hospital Gurgaon since advanced medical care was not available in his country. The child had severe liver and bone marrow failure when it was brought to hospital.Liver transplant was the only solution.

There were too many challenges with this transplant The only donor was the kids father but he was 43 times heavier,the ideal transplant is normally done by donor who is 25 times recipient’s size.The child was maintained under anesthesia for nine hours.

They prepared for the rare operation on a 3D model of the donor liver on CT scan. Using high magnification microscopic surgery, a small piece of donor liver was removed and transplanted into David .The child had small veins and windpipe, hence small dosages of medicines was needed, it required 100% accuracy in managing fluid and blood product administration.

The transplant was successful, with the child under hospital care for nearly 2months.For first 45 days, prolonged ventilator support, intravenous nutrition and nasogastric tube feeding support with intensive antibiotic therapy was provided to the kid to fight infections.

Dr Soin ,chairman of Medanta Liver Institute mentioned that this rare feat needed the determined and combined effort of 50-member multidisciplinary team of doctors.He added that the scientific report of this case has been submitted to an international journal.

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