Decoding Dyslexia- This Dyslexia Captcha from Dentsu Webchutney Innovation Lab is simply superb in creating awareness on Dyslexia


A reading disorder termed ‘’Dyslexia’’ is now present in many children’s and these children’s are often misunderstood as lazy or those with low intelligence Quotient.

It is really amazing to note that every 10th kid has this reading disorder and they face issues like spelling words reading quickly or writing words etc.

Many parents do not understand the issues of their own Dyslexia children’s. In order to make the parents and teachers come to terms with the kids having this learning or reading disorder Dentsu Wenchutney Innovation Lab has come out with a media innovation and that is superb. It must be noted that this Dyslexia Captcha makes the people aware by giving firsthand experience on this disorder.

GGS School based teacher Arvinder Kaur speaks her heart out regarding this reading disorder and says this disorder could be easily sorted out in the children if they are found out early but this reading disorder is taken as laziness and low IQ. Low awareness in parents and teachers are present now.

Samples of Dyslexia kids hand writings were taken and converted the samples to captcha and served on sites that were visited by audiences. Most audiences failed to enter captcha correctly and refresh was hit by 95 % of the audiences. Then regular captcha with message was served.

This simple process decoded Dyslexia in teachers as well as in parents. It is important to mention that Dyslexia captcha reached one million people and touched their hearts greatly. The best positive outcome is the difference it made in the lives of many Dyslexia affected kids. Superb!!

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