Doctors reconstruct tongue with flesh from thighs for an oral cancer affected patient

Representational Pic: Health – How Stuff Works

With great developments in the medical fields doctors these days do many amazing things to make a patient live happily in their lives. Recently team of doctors have reconstructed tongue using flesh from the thigh portions of the person who was affected with oral cancer. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is now said that this patient from Faridabad had oral cancer and he was in great pain. He was not able to consume food for his survival.

Dr Nitin Singhal expressed his thoughts regarding the surgery and said a new tongue and floor of the mouth was made and for this skin and flesh from the thighs were used. The doctor also spoke about how the patients tongue and floor of the mouth along with upper half of the jaw bone was removed by mandibulectomy. It is now revealed that fracture of jaw bone was avoided by this process that was highly complex.

It is superb to note that this patient who previously was not able to speak has shown positive signs and was able to speak better now after the operation. The doctor also revealed that the patient had cancer from the ventral aspect of the tongue and it was going into the floor of the mouth.

It is now clear that this patient had many bad habits like smoking, chewing tobacco plus drinking etc and these were responsible for his oral cancer. In this surgery his jaw bone was preserved and that is a great to bring cheers on the face of the patient. Superb effort!!

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