Dr. Denton Cooley, first to implant a totally artificial heart in a patient dies at 96 – His Famous Quotes

Pic: MyPlainview.com

Some people do such great things that they are remembered for years. 96 years old Dr. Denton Cooley who was known as a renowned surgeon died on Friday, 18th Nov 2016 at his house in Houston, according to media reports. Dr. Denton A. Cooley was known to be the first to implant a totally artificial heart in a patient. Later he founded The Texas Heart Institute.

Here are some of his famous Quotes:

All the progress we made in that period would take us a century now.

We would just try something in the lab, have some personal conviction that it was a meaningful thing to do and try, and then we would go ahead and apply it.

My athletic experiences taught me endurance and competitiveness, with perhaps an emphasis on endurance.

If you are a ship out in the ocean and someone throws you a life preserver, you don’t look at it to see if it has been approved by the federal government.

I was aware that Christiaan Barnard in South Africa had done two transplants, one of which was successful, and Norm Shaumway at Stanford had done one which was not successful. We were poised to do one.

First, we have to bypass the patient’s heart and get the recipient on the heart/lung machine, very much like we do for any open heart operation.

There’s been an evolution of techniques. We realized that you could by-pass obstructions in the coronary system.

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