Emma Morano’s birthday is coming this month and she is turning 117 years ! Her secret diet-Eggs !

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Emma Morano’s birthday is coming soon ! This Nov 27th she will be turning 117 years ! Wow  ! The people from different places in the world will turn up to wish her.She doesn’t plan to invite anyone but they will  be coming from America, Switzerland, Austria, Turin, Milan to see the last known person alive who is born in the 19th century.

She stays in her 2 bedroom apartment in Verbania, a town in northern Italy on Lake Maggiore.She is a very determined person and so far hasn’t received any particular (health) care or gone to hospital.

At her home , on a marble-topped chest of drawers she has the Guinness World Records certificate which declares Morano who was born in 1899, to be the world’s oldest living person.Another interesting photograph is of her and her  doctor Carlo Bava who are holding eggs: Yes thats the secret to her long life ! Carlo Bava has been her doctor for past 27 years.This egg eating became a habit from the age of 20 years when she was diagnosed anaemic.She used to eat 3 a day 2 raw and 1 cooked.This diet she continued till she was almost 90 years and would have already eaten over 100,000 eggs and counting.

These eggs have helped her and ensured her good health.She eats two eggs a day, and cookies. She cannot eat much as she has no teeth.Her doctor believes her longevity is also partly genetics since her mom died at 91 and her 2 sisters lived over 100 years.

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