Estefania Correa- 120 Kg Woman Stunned Many by Winning the Beauty Pageant in Argentina

Pic: Lifestyle

In this world many amazing things happen and get noticed by all over. Recently in the country of Argentina a woman made sensation as she was crowned winner and she was spoken highly. The amazing point to note is this woman named Estefania Correa weighs 120kgs and got the coveted title and proved many that determination and fighting spirit are important and with those anyone could reach the top.

The beauty pageant took place in the western Mendoza Province of Argentina and this Estefania Correa represented Colonia Segovo and it is revealed that in deciding the final winner 18 departments of Mendoza must shortlist their beautiful spokeswoman.

It is important to note that Estefania was announced as the anti-discrimination queen at the contest and 5ft 3 in tall Estefania Correa gave an inspirational speech and touched the hearts of many. It is now revealed that with Estefania winning the beauty pageant title she has broken all the stereotypes that are associated with beauty pageant competitions.

Estefania Correa spoke about how she wanted to break discrimination that the Vendimia was not a beauty contest. She also spoke about how she wanted to become the beauty queen inspite of her overweight. Estefania Correa further spoke about how being curvaceous was uncomfortable for her and beautiful body and face could no longer be the criteria. Hats off Estefania Correa!!

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