Famous USA based TV actress and author Shannen Doherty speaks her heart out regarding her cancer and it is really touching

Pic: YouTube Video Screenshot

Who would have forgotten Shannen Doherty? This famous American actress cum TV director cum producer cum author with superb screen presence has got amazing fan following is well known to all.

In USA based drama series titled ”Beverly Hills 90210” this Shannen Doherty caught the attention of many with her Brenda Walsh role and she was sensational. It must be noted that this Shannen Doherty is a well known animal rights activist and has made tremendous contributions in that aspect.

It was in the month of March in the year 2015 she was first diagnosed with cancer in breasts and the shocking news was cancer then spread to her lymphatic system also in 2016. It is known that in the social networking site Instagram she has been documenting her cancer and her treatment regularly.

It must be noted that in her interview she spoke about cancer and the treatment she is having etc. Shannen Doherty expressed her thoughts and said she had finished mastectomy, chemotheraphy and she would soon start radiation for about six weeks. She also spoke about how after radiation gets over she would undergo more tests to check for cancer and then would go for breasts construction operation. It is also brought out that female hormone Estrogen present in Doherty would be reduced as it feeds on breasts tumor and this would have some effect on her.

Doherty spoke about how sad she felt when she lost her gorgeous brunette locks but felt losing hairs was much better than losing eyebrows and eyelashes. She also spoke her heart out regarding how people avoided her new look and how it made her inferior. Touching!!

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