Faye Elder- This mother is doing her best by giving great care to save her 9 year old daughter Karli from cystic fibrosis and she is amazing

Pic: dailymercury.com.au

In this world mother is very important and she plays a great role in shaping the lives of her kids. The love and care a mother gives for her kids is the purest form of love in this world. In this aspect what a mother named Faye Elder is doing for her pretty 9 year old daughter Karli is simply superb.

The shocking piece of information that has come out is in the country of Australia one in 2500 babies are born with a health condition called cystic fibrosis and it is really sad to hear that it has no cure.

It came as rude shock when Faye Elder was told that her daughter Karli was having this cystic fibrosis where abnormal and excessive mucus would be present in the lungs and as a result of this impairment of digestive function of pancreas is caused and bacteria get trapped in the lungs. It is important to note that lung failure would be caused finally leading to death in persons with cystic fibrosis problem.

It must be noted that this Faye Elder and her husband are doing superb things for their daughter’s health sake. It is now said that they wake their daughter in the morning for her breathing exercises plus physio treatment and cares for her a lot. It is shocking to note that Karli takes around 30 tablets in a day and later in the noon physio treatment is continued again and the duration is about 40 minutes. She also spoke about how being positive is very important. Great words!!

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