Holly speaks highly about social media and says how the social media was useful for her to come to terms with her skin problem

Pic: independent.co.uk

Psoriasis is a skin disease where the patches of abnormal skin are seen on the body. It must be noted that these patches would be reddish in colour plus they would be scaly and itchy and create huge discomfort for the patient. It is an autoimmune skin disease that is said to be linked to genes. The shocking news about this skin issue is there is no permanent cure but it can be controlled. People with this skin disease would feel embarrassed to expose themselves and not many have that capacity to expose their body to others.

A woman named Holly made headlines when she exposed her body in the social media to get in terms with this psoriasis problem and she is spoken by many all over now. It is now revealed by her that she was diagnosed with this psoriasis ever since she was just 14. Holly spoke about how she took pictures of her skin to show others about her skin problem.

She expressed her sadness and said it was tough for her to communicate regarding living with a major skin problem. She further spoke about how she got many treatments for her skin problem and how they were not successful and how she lost her hope and happiness totally. At this point Holly thought of sharing her skin problem and her painful life with others and hence shared her photos with many.

It was in the month of September in 2015 she started PUVA treatment and she documented it with the help of her close friend. She further spoke about the compassion and empathy she received from many through her #getyourskinout. She is now inspiring many in her life with her willpower and courageous nature.

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