Inspirational Callum Ballantine who passed away due to cancer had set up a clothing line ‘’Made in Manchester’’ and it has raised 250,000 pounds


A clothing line named ‘’Made in Manchester’’ in United Kingdom has become the talk of the town now. It is superb to mention that this cloth line has raised a mammoth amount of 250,000 pounds and is spoken in high esteem. It is great to note that this clothing line was launched by two persons named Callum Ballantine and Samir Kamani and at the time this Callum Ballantine was having treatment for his cancer.

It is really sad to note that this superb human being Callum Ballantine who was loved by many around him for his superb determination and positivity had passed away inspite of efforts from many doctors. Osteosarcoma is very rare form of bone cancer and this cancer was present in this humble Callum Ballantine.

At the age of just 19 when most of us would be spending time with our friends or doing some other activity this Callum Balantine was seen visiting doctors, having treatment for cancer etc. In the month of December in the year 2015 this inspirational Callum Ballantine breathed his last and it is now said that he was diagnosed with this Osteosarcoma just 11 months prior to his death only.

It is now brought out that this Callum Ballantine wanted to donate 100,000 pounds for Teenage Cancer Trust. It is worthy to mention that famous stars such as Roger Daltry plus others like Sir Tom Jones, Kelly Jones paid tribute to this Callum Ballantine.

As per the latest news an amount of 250,000 pounds was donated to Teenage Cancer Trust by friends, well wishers and family members of Callum Ballantine after he had passed away.

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