Isla Kane- This 5 year old girl from Ellesmere Port in England cut her gorgeous locks so that it could help persons with cancer and she is amazing


It is often said having thick hairs on the heads showcases the beauty of a person and for women community having thick hairs on their heads is very important as it gives great self confidence and women don’t like getting bald at any cost. In this aspect what a five year old girl from Cheshire, England did was simply sensational and she is now spoken highly all over.

This 5 year old Isla Kane donated her hairs so that it would help people who had lost their hairs because of cancer treatment just like her mother suffered. This great effort by their daughter has made the couple Sam Kane and Beki Smith proud and happy. IT is now brought out that Bekki had many issues due to leukemia and she was taken to hospital.

Isla Kane’s dad Sam Kane spoke about how his daughter was a ray of light when there was darkness in their lives. This 5 year old cute girl Isla Kane of Sea Catholic Primary School shaved her head to donate her 12inches of pretty locks to a charity that supported many kids who have lost their hairs because of cancer treatment. This charity named ’’Little Princess Trust’’ has caught the attention of many.

Sam Kane further spoke about how his daughter was inspirational for many by donating her own hairs for the sake of many cancer affected kids. Awesome Isla Kane!!