Jake Bailey- This former student of Christchurch Boy’s High School is amazing with his new documentary and book to battle cancer

Pic: stuff.co.nz

Jake Bailey is now hogging the headlines. This former student from Christchurch Boy’s High School or CBHS was diagnosed with dreaded cancer last year. Presently he is sharing his life journey by new book plus documentary. Remarkable isn’t it!!

The surprising news about him is an award was named after him in his school and would be given for the first time shortly. It is superb to note that he came to the school prize giving event in a wheel chair and shocked many there with his inspirational speech. It is great that his speech was seen more than 1.7million times on the You Tube. One superb piece of information is Jake Bailey has given many speeches in the past eight months in as many as 14 cities.

According to Jake Bailey these speeches are doing well because he was able to meet many who supported him. He also spoke about his book that would be available from May next year and its postiveness would be great for the readers. Mason packer is the person who directed the documentary and in this people who played great roles in the journey of Jake Bailey were interviewed. It is great that shortly his CBHS would give Jake Bailey Cup for Gallantry to a student who has shown great strength, resilience plus courage in the times of adversity.

Jake Bailey praised the gesture of his school and said he was happy and proud. Debra Miller who is the publishing director at the Penguin Random House expressed her thoughts and said Jake Bailey was approached because of the reason that he had to face many physical plus emotional challenges due to cancer at young age. Superb Jake Bailey!!

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