Jan Hinton-fundraiser with ovarian cancer gives her support to Go Girls

Pic: Dorset Echo

These days when most people who are hale and healthy are selfish do not help others a person named Jan Hinton is doing sensationally and she is inspirational to many others now.

This Jan Hinton is diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer and that has not come in her way to help others. It is really sad to hear that this woman has been having this cancer for nearly three years and recently she had stroke plus heart attack.
The good news about her is she is fighting for good causes and giving her support to’’ Go Girls Support Group’’ for women with ovarian cancer. It is now brought out that this woman Jan Hinton has been bedridden and taken care by her family but she wants to help many women.

This sensational Jan Hilton has caught the attention of Hilary Maxwell who is gynae-oncology nurse plus founder of ‘’Go Girls support Group’’. Hilary Maxwell spoke in high regards about Jan Hilton and said she was inspirational to many. Hilary Maxwell then highlighted how this Jan Hilton always wanted to help others and how she was selfless in nature.

It is now revealed that Jan Hilton has been giving her total support for this ‘’Go Girls’’ right from the beginning inspite of having ovarian cancer and that is remarkable. Hilary Maxwell expressed her happiness regarding Jane Hiltons help and said she has got a heart made of gold and her efforts inspire many women.

Jan Hiltons family members like Pat, daughter Natalee and sister Verity are doing superbly in giving great care and love for Jan and that is superb. Hats off Jan Hilton!!

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