Johanne Vaas- Sarcoma advanced nurse practitioner from swansea is now awarded 2016 Macmillan Excellence Award


Johanne Vaas from Swansea is spoken highly by many around her. It is important to note that this cancer nurse has been awarded the prestigious Macmillan Excellence Awards for her superb contribution in her profession. It is superb to hear that Lady Camilla who is the president of Macmillan has given this special award to this sensational nurse and this nurse has caught the attention of many.

South WestWales Cancer centre must feel happy and proud that Johanne Vaas has now got this great award for her superb work. Johanne Vaas is sarcoma advanced nurse practitioner and she won this award for her great innovation. It is now said that this nurse did superbly in providing care to the cancer affected patients and made a great difference.

The magnificent work of this nurse has caught the attention of Susan Morris who is the head of services for Macmillan Wales and she expressed her feelings about this Johanne Vaas. She felt happy that Johanne Vass work was recognized by Macmillan Excellence Awards. It is said that Johanne Vass work to set up an innovative nurse led fast access clinic for people having soft tissue sarcoma was superb and made improvement in the service of many cancer patients.

It is great to mention that as many as 300 Macmillan professionals combined with many top health care institutions took part in the awards functions. This Johanne Vass is now inspiring many others. Superb!!

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