Julie Dombo- 62 Year Old Kansas Based Woman Receives Electronic Hands Now

Pic: cdanews.com

People lose their hands, legs etc in accidents and as a result of that they could not lead happy lives like other normal people is known. These people are often criticized and humiliated by the society for no fault of theirs. A 62 year old lady Julie Dombo in Kansas in USA has become the talk of the town because recently she got her new pair of electronic hands as she was a quadruple amputee. It is now said that with just few days to Christmas this Julie Dombo has received this pair of electronic hands as her Xmas gift.

It must be noted that this woman was shot during a robbery that took place in AT & T store in the month of August in 2015 and because of that she lost her hands and legs and was amputated.

It is also revealed that she was given money to buy metal hooks by her insurance company and that money was not enough for her to buy pair of electronic hands that costs $ 260,000 and was given by Mark Holden. It is really shocking that she was shot in her chest and arms by the robber last year and she was taken to the hospital immediately. Some complications developed and the doctors amputated her arms plus legs to save her life. It is important to mention that the man who robbed and shot her was convicted in the month of October and there were many cases against him.

Mark Holden, his wife and son were solely responsible for the pair of electronic hands for this Julie Dombo as they got this pair of prosthetic myoelectric hands without any financial support from outside parties. Superb!!

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