Kaylieann Steinbach- This 3 year old with some hearing impairment problem has now become online sensation for her super hero dress she wore for her pre- school photograph

Pic: People

Kaylieann Steinbach of age three has become cynosure of many eyes now. Reason for that is she had worn a super hero costume for her pre-school photograph and this has become a huge online hit and it must be noted that this 3 year old girl has hearing problems.

It is sad and shocking to hear that she is 75% Deaf in both her ears and could not spell the letter S correctly and calls herself as Pooter Girl. The great news is she shared her amazing photograph of super girl costume and it was applauded by many online. It is now brought out that this Kaylieann Steinbach did not listen to her parents advice of wearing another dress for the photograph. On the social networking site Reddit her cute looking picture in super girl dress was shared by her dad Austin and it won thousands of supporters for Kaylieann Steinbach.

It must be noted that this cute girl is from Rocklin in California, USA and her photography has made huge impact on many. It is now confirmed that Austin has been receiving many messages across the globe and he feels happy about this. In his Face book page Austin wrote about the responses for his school photos that were superb.

It must be noted that this cute 3 year old girl is inspiring many people with hearing impairment all over the world with the sensational photograph of hers. It is now said that her family is learning sign language to communicate with her. Amazing Kaylieann Steinbach!!

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