Korey Callan Bolton- This 18 year old has lost amazing 60 pounds in 3 months and is sensational

Korey Callan Bolton- This 18 year old has lost amazing 60 pounds in 3 months and is sensational
Pic: talkofthetown.ie

Not many people in this world at the age of just 18 would have the determination and fighting spirits of Korey Callan Bolton. This sensational teenager has reduced hisr weight and by that has become cynosure of many eyes all over now. It must be noted that he had lost amazing 60 pounds in three months and has surprised many.

It is well known that persons with over- weight are often harassed and criticized by many others in this society. The same happened to this Korey Callon Bolton also. It must be noted that he uploaded a You Tube video explaining his overweight issues and how he was bullied by others due to his obesity. It is also revealed by him that he went into depression and also considered to kill himself and ate more.

It is now brought out that Korey Callan Bolton did not have motivation at all and thought that his life was total failure. At this juncture one day he thought of how he would be in the future and hence worked out and surprised many with his diet change also.

It is superb to note that he joined in Slimming world so that he would reduce his weight and avoid unnecessary bullying from others.

His parents John and Kathleen gave total support for this Korey Bolton and Korey went to gym even six or seven times in a week. It is superb that he lost 2lbs and 8lbs in the first and second weeks respectively. It must be noted that at the end of three months he lost over four stones. Awesome effort!!

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