Kunal Mankodiya , creates smart wearable device to monitor Parkinson’s disease , psychiatric illness and autism.

Pic: URI Today

Kunal Mankodiya, a native of India is a biomedical engineering professor at University of Rhode Island and he is working on creating wearable devices to improve the lives of people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

He also serves as the director of the university’s Wearable Bio sensing Laboratory, and along with some students is researching on how to transform items such as gloves, socks, clothing and shoes into high-tech products using technology.These medical devices will be embedded with sensors, electronics and software which will monitor tremors and rigidity .This will help in data collection will is deliverable to doctors.

Earlier , Mankodiya and his team had created smart wristband to monitor tremors of Parkinson’s patients. This year, the focus has shifted to smart textiles and designing items for patients with neurological illnesses.The gloves will give patients the option of receiving healthcare at home, thereby reduce the risk of falls and other accidents.The high-tech socks for patients with strokes will help tailor rehab therapy.The other project is on smart watch technologies which will help patients with psychiatric illness and autism.

Mankodiya also represents URI’s College of Engineering in Advanced Functional Fabrics of America, this is a federally-funded organization based at MIT.

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