Kyle Schwarber- This USA based baseball of Chicago Cubs is inspired by a ten year old boy Campbell Faulkner who has a rare mitochondrial illness


Kyle Schwarber was born in Ohio in USA in 1993 and is well known baseball left fielder plus catcher who has won many fans all over with his amazing skills. Major League Baseball or MLB is regarded as four major professional sports leagues in USA and in Canada.

It must be noted that for Chicago Cubs team in this MLB competition this Kyle Schwarber has done sensationally and is spoken in high esteem by many. Middletown High school in Ohio must feel happy and proud that Kyle Schwarber was its former student who has done superbly in his career.

It is superb that this Kyle Scharber signed a baseball for Campbell Faulkner and Campbell gave a green wrist band as a token of love and they became friends. It is sad and shocking to her that this ten year old Campbell Faulkner has a rare mitochondrial illness. This illness has not prevented this kid in watching his friend Kyle Schwarber play baseball at a place that is around 1700 miles from Campbell’s place. The important point to note is this ten year old Campbell and his family give full support to Kyle Schwarber and his team.

It is awesome that Kyle wears the green wristband given by this kid during his match for Chicago Cubs which is trying to get its first cup since the year 1908 and that was the year this Chicago Cub team last won the title. It is surprising that this Campbell Faulkner has this rare mitochondrial problem and he did not cry or felt hungry. It is said that his body does not know how to utilize oxygen and food.

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