Leah Bracknell – This lung cancer affected actress reveals the pain of telling her daughters about her health condition and is touching

Pic: thesun.co.uk

It is well known that people affected with serious health issues find it hard to reveal about their health condition to their loving ones. Emmerdale actress Leah Bracknell is one such person who found very tough to talk about her lung cancer to her loving daughters.

Leah Bracknell of age 52 termed it as the worst thing she had to do in her life. Leah Bracknell made many heads turn with her superb acting in the UK based soap opera titled ‘’Emmerdale’’ is well known now.

Lily aged 25 and Maya aged 21 are two pretty daughters of this actress Leah Bracknell. She felt unhappy to let her daughters know about her lung cancer. It is shocking and sad to hear that she was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer only last month in September.

The doctors gave her shock that her lung cancer was not curable but she was highly determined. It must be noted that she would be travelling to Germany for her treatment of lung cancer and the enormous amount of money given by people made her treatment in Germany possible now.

Leah Bracknell spoke about how she was simple and private person and she also praised the people’s generous nature towards her in donating huge money. The superb news about her is she is channelling her positive thoughts and is fighting this cancer courageously and is proving to be a great source of inspiration. Superb Leah Bracknell!!

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