Li Ching Yuen- 256 years old man revealed many shocking secrets before he died


Would you believe this!! A man named Li Ching Yuen lived for an amazing 256 years in this world and he had revealed some shocking truths before he died. Sensational isn’t it!!

It is now brought out that there were some imperial Chinese government records in the year 1827 and it congratulated this Li Ching Yuen for his 150th birthday. It is also revealed that in the year 1977 this Li Ching Yuen celebrated his 200th birthday. A professor of the famous Chengdu University Wu Cheng –chieh found these records and shared it.

It is known fact that most of us in this world have the desire to live long in our lives. This Li Ching Yuen had this longevity desire and even gathered some special herbs that could make a person live long and he collected when he was just 10 years old. It is highly amazing to note that for almost 40 years this man survived consuming herbs like lingzhi, goji berry etc.

It is great to mention here that he travelled to many places like Kansu, Shansi, Tibet, Siam etc to collect these special herbs that would be useful for longevity of a person. It is really mind blowing to note that a person of age 500 lived and this man taught Qigong exercises to one of the disciple of Li Cheng Yuen.

According to Li Ching Yuen maintaining inward calm along with piece of mind combined with proper breathing techniques could increase the longevity of a person. Wow!!

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