Lydia Yilmaz- This inspirational 4 year old kid would soon release her own book to help other kids with cancer


In this society it is very rare to see kids like Lydia Yilmaz. It is amazing that this kid who has blood cancer is just four years of age and wants to help other kids who are very sick by her own book. Incredible isn’t it!!

Life was going nicely for this cute kid Lydia Hilmaz until last year when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. It is very hard to think about the difficulties she would have undergone in her with this brutal form of cancer. When most of us would be down and depressed this cute Lydia Yilmaz was just sensational as she wanted other sick kids to be happy.

It is worthy to mention that this Lydia wrote many tips and hints to help other sick children and was help by her caring mother in this aspect. It is important to note that this girl Lydia Yilmaz is now in remission and she also knew there were many children’s who were suffering a lot.

It is now revealed that she and her mother have done fabulously and they both have converted their many thoughts plus drawings into a book. It must be noted that when this Lydia Yilmaz was at the cancer ward of the Royal hospital for children’s in Glasgow. Lydia’s’’ I Like to Go’’ to the hospital is spoken highly by many.

It is superb that her parents are supporting this kid in huge extent and they have till now raised an amount of 1100 pounds so that it would be published and final production is going in full speeds and 500 copies would be out soon. Great!!

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