Matt Greenwood who fought cancer bravely and inspired many had breathed his last

Pic: The Sun

One news in the recent times has touched many all over is the death of Matt Greenwood. It is important to mention that he was just 21 years of age and had severe bone cancer and was highly inspirational to many around him as he fought this dreaded cancer courageously.

It is superb to note his friends raised 56,000 pounds for his purpose. It is really sad and shocking that his cancer present in the hip spread rapidly to lungs and he was told by the doctors before that he would live for another nine months.
This Matt Greenwood not only impressed his friends by his courageous and never say die nature but also made superb impact on his principal of St Edmund Hall in the famous Oxford. It must be noted that this Matt Greenwood had superb sense of humour and was highly inspiring to many.

It is important to note that only last month his friends launched a campaign to help Matt Greenwood finish his bucket list. It is now revealed that this Matt Greenwood was so happy and he thanked people for their great support. He also spoke about how the support and love was from all directions.

It is worthy to mention that his bucket list included skydive, road trip around America, race car experience plus others like graduation, trip to Rome etc. Matts friend Alec John Burns spoke highly about this Matt Greenwood and said Matt was a ”hero” and ”dear friend” and shared it on the social media.Superb Matt Greenwood!!

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