Meher Moos- This 72 year old Indian woman has gone to Antarctica and 180 countries in 50 years and is sensational

Meher Moos- This 72 year old Indian woman has gone to Antarctica and 180 countries in 50 years and is sensational-Optimized

Most of us in this world have dreamt of travelling to many countries but only few achieve it in real life. A 72 year old woman named Meher Moos has caught the attention of many by visiting as many as 180 countries in last 50 years and she is spoken highly now.

It is tremendous that this 72 year old Meher Moss is the first Indian woman to travel to Antarctica and to 180 nations in 50 years. It is now said that she might be old with lots of wrinkles plus grey hairs but Meher Moos is a woman with loads of self belief and courage etc.

It is important to note that she was born and brought up in the state of Maharashtra and she did well to finish her bachelor’s degree from the famous Sophia College and then did her law studies from the popular Bombay’s Government Law College.

It is superb that she joined Air India and as flight attendant she was travelling in the Nairobi-Japan- New York route. She later joined tourism department of Air India and went to Lumbini. It is now revealed that her passion for travel coupled with great enthusiasm meeting peoples have taken this humble Meher Moss to many places across the world.

It is wonderful to hear that she went to as many as 35 countries of Africa then later went to Central Asia to get to know about the people and the culture etc.

Some of the places she has visited in her life are Gulf countries, Andes, Sierra Niveda, The Alps, The Rockies, Islands of Indonesia plus she also went to South Pole, Antarctica in the year 1976 and became first Indian woman to do that. Incredible!!

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