Meme Fulcher- This 31 year old mother from Adelaide in Australia provides help for another woman in delivering her stillborn baby and is highly inspirational

Representational Pic: ABC

Not every woman in this world can be like this Meme Fulcher. This 31 year old Meme Fulcher had given birth to still born baby before and had suffered a lot of pain. Recently Meme Fulcher helped another woman who needed her help in delivering still born baby.

It must be noted that her FB page ‘’Remembering Jacob’’ got many supports from many all over and she wants many struggling women to be in touch with her. It is sad to her that her baby Jacob was still born.

It is important to note that a stranger woman named Sandra felt scared and alone during her delivery time and this Meme Fulcher helped her greatly. Meme Fulcher spoke about how she got a message in her Face Book page at about 10 pm in the night from a woman named Sandra who was scared and anxious to deliver her still born baby. Then Meme Fulcher went to Gawler hospital and met this Sandra in room number 23 and provided moral support for her at the time of delivering her still born.

Meme Fulcher also spoke about how she had great relationship with Sandra and her husband Michael and Fulcher further said that Sandra needed her help at this juncture as Fulcher had previously experienced the pain in delivering a still born baby. Meme Fulcher revealed that how her bad experience was useful to someone like Sandra in delivering her still born baby now.

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