Monk Bhin and Ruamkatanyu Foundation shows humanity by providing care for newborn baby with many issues

Pic: Exclusivepix Media

It is very tough for even grown up humans with many physical issues in this society. A baby was born some months back in Thailand and the shocking piece of information is that baby did not have proper skull plus it had cleft lip and pallet plus the worst issue of visual impairment.

This baby was named as Nurafaiha and has caught the attention of many all over as the baby was cared by a monk named Bhin. This 8 month baby is presently living in South Thailand and social media has been giving superb support for this baby.

It is really shocking to mention that this baby due to many physical issues could not take milk in normal manner and tube is used to feed milk. This baby is taken care of monk Bhin from Ruamkatanyu Foundation. The health condition of this baby is shared in the social media to raise funds needed.

It must be noted that monk Bhin and Ruamkatanyu Foundation are involved in providing help to many poor families. It is now revealed there are five kids in the family of Nurafaiha and other four attend school and they are supported by their dad who is the only bread winner of the family.

It is important to note that this baby needs regular medical help and would have to undergo many surgeries also. Monk Bhin was able to donate amount of 20,000 Thai baht that is 4400 pounds got from Foundation plus the money given by persons responding to the Face Book appeals of this monk.

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