Motivational Story of Cancer Survivor Anurag Basu, Indian Film Director

Motivational Story of Cancer Survivor Anurag Basu, Indian Film Director
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‘Health is Wealth’ this is 1000% true statement. There’s no life without good health. Sometime life throws tough challenges on us. Only those people survive who are tough and face those challenges upfront.

Here we are sharing motivational life story of Indian film Director Anurag Basu who is a cancer survivor. During an interview with TOI, Anurag shared his painful journey as how he was diagnosed with cancer and the life afterwards.

I had just finished Murder, got married to my girlfriend and we were expecting our first baby when I was diagnosed with leukaemia.

It was like a filmy anticlimax where everything was going just right in my life when I was told this shocking news. Initially, I did not take it seriously but then I realised it was very bad.

The cancer cells were multiplying fast and the doctors kept altering my chances of survival from 50:50 to two months to finally two weeks.

Then I heard about Doctor Sripad Banawali at Tata Memorial whose medication was different from the rest and who said that there may be a chance.

Sunil Dutt sahab was then alive and he got me a bed with great difficulty. I was taken in and straight away put on a ventilator.

 I did not feel much as I was unconscious but it was difficult for my family who sat outside the ICU for over two weeks.

While the treatment played a large part in bringing me back to life, the one thing I wanted to live for was to see the face of my child.

I did not think of living for long, but I did not want to die without seeing the face of my child. So I feel my daughter Ishana gave me strength to fight at that time.

This shows that we should be fighter in our lives. Only a true fighter can survive this tough life.

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