Olivia Herzoff- This 19 year old teen girl with rare Ehler’s- Danlos syndrome was the inspiration behind the episode of medical drama titled ’’Grey’s Anatomy’’

Pic: sanluisobispo.com

When most teenagers of her age are happy spending time with their friends or enjoying parties Olivia Herzoff aged 19 is different. It must be noted that this pretty teenager has a rare health problem called ‘’Ehlers-Danlos syndrome’’ or EDS where the presence of pain and other issues create many problems to her.

This EDS is said to be a genetic problem and it affects the connective tissues that often leads to hyper-extended joints, torn skin plus issues like dislocations in joints etc. It cause huge pain in the people affected with this problem.

It is now said that episode shown on 13th of October on medical drama titled ‘’Grey’s Anatomy’’ was inspired by this Olivia Herzoff. This pretty teenager is a college student studying psychology inspite of her health issue. Olivia Herzoff spoke about how she looks fine outside but her condition present inside is totally different.

She also spoke about how her condition was misunderstood by many and how this would change soon as the episode shown in the medical drama ‘’Grey’s Anatomy’’ had a character with Ehler’s-Danlos syndrome.

It is said that one in 2500 people or one in 5000 person have this health issue and it is really surprising to note that Olivia’s father and her brother also had this problem. It is now brought out that she was invited to speak about her health problem to the writers of the show. Shonda Rhimes who ran the show invited Olivia to the sets of the TV show in LA. USA so that Olivia could share about her health issue to many.

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