Roy Stuart- This 15 year old boy who was killed in his apartment in South Oak Cliff in Dallas donates his organs to save lives of four and still lives in this world even after his death


Roy Stuart is now hogging the limelight. It is now said that he shot and killed in his apartment in South Oak Cliff where he was living with his grandmother. It is now brought out that the city of Dallas in USA is murder prone place and as many as 146 murders have been reported this year which is 25 percent more than the last year when the number of murders were 117.

It is shocking that his case is still not solved like many others who were killed in Dallas. It is important to note that Brenda Stuart brought up this 15 year old Roy Stuart ever since he was just three weeks old and it is now said that he would be 16 next month. It is now clear that this boy’s parents spent most of their time in prison so he was brought up by his grandma Brenda.

The superb piece of information about Roy Stuart is he wanted to become a professional football player in the future. His football skills at the renowned Kennedy Curry Middle School caught many people’s attention there. Football coach at the middle school Mr Anderson expressed his thoughts and said he was shattered on hearing the death of his student Roy Stuart.

It was really shocking for Brenda Stuart when she came to know that his grandson was shot in the apartment and at that time she was shopping for groceries. The latest news is Roy’s family donated his organs like liver, kidney, heart and lungs and four lives were saved by this donation and by this donation of organs he still lives even after his death.

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