Sam Baker, an American folk musician who required many surgeries now has many stories to tell

Pic: Wikimedia Commons

Sam Baker’s story is amazing as how he became a singer and a songwriter and the incredible things is that his songs relate to all the men and women’s who are trying hard to make up with the 21st century. His poetry set to music is very insightful and heartful. Born in Itasca and brought up in West Texas, Sam Baker turned into a bank analyst and worked in the Midland/Odessa zone for a small bank over there. He has a lot of stories to tell.

Sam Baker showed up and sang his melodies which happen at Susanna’s Kitchen Coffee House Concerts happen each third Thursday after which he has been contrasted with the late Leonard Cohen.

Sam Baker who is now touching his passion to the core, had left his job because he was getting bored and with the money saved, he started travelling from where it all started.

According to Baker, he went to Peru which was terrorized by Maoist Group and in the train in which he was travelling had a blast. He lived but needed seventeen surgeries.

Baker said that, “I had so many surgeries, and, due to brain damage, I couldn’t remember nouns. They had to replace both of my eardrums. Melodies would come to me, and I knew what is was like to have your lungs flattened.”

He gradually recouped from his wounds and got the capacity to talk effectively. Since his right hand was damaged, he showed himself to play guitar left gave and began composing tunes that were in his mind.

As Baker worked the group at the interlude, he made a couple of companions. He is likewise a motivational speaker and his melodies, while some of them stark and to some degree dull, still have an incredible beat and the verses take control of your heart and brain.

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